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This AI-Powered Baby Stroller Has Intelligent Braking And Can Even Stroll On Its Own

When the founders of Vancouver baby gear firm GlüxKind became parents in 2020, they came up with the idea for the Ella smart stroller. Their goal was to “lift the burden off your shoulders” and provide an “additional set of eyes” to assure the baby’s safety. The company’s name, GlüxKind, was inspired by the German phrase Glückskind. “Glück” means “luck” in German, and “Kind” means “child” in English. In this scenario, I believe that the parents, rather than the child, would be fortunate to have a smart stroller to transport their most precious cargo.

Gluxkind’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered smart stroller was named a CES Innovation Award honoree. It was named the most innovative product in 2023. Ella achieved the highest score in the Vehicle Technology and Advanced Mobility category out of a record-breaking 2000 submissions this year.

Perhaps a baby stroller is not something you would expect to see at the world’s largest tech event, but this is no ordinary stroller, but one that takes advantage of the most recent technological breakthroughs and trends. Nowadays, we use technology and automation in almost every area of our daily lives, so it’s only natural to see the latest technologies applied to strollers as well, given that they’re such an important piece of support equipment for parents and carers.

The smart stroller employs robotics and machine learning to increase safety, usage, and comfort, as well as to make the lives of today’s parents a little easier. It has push-assist, hands-free cruising, brake help, and auto parking, allowing parents and their children to easily explore the world.

The smart stroller has a dual-motor drive system that lets it climb up steep roads or sidewalks and on uneven paths even when loaded with toys or groceries, similar to how pedal-assist electric motorcycles can handle challenging terrain. Parents will enjoy every stroll they take with their children, regardless of the terrain, thanks to the adaptable push and brake support. The self-driving baby stroller costs a whopping USD 3300, but it’s a good price to pay for the safety of your baby.

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