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This 4K Camera Will Change The Way You Think About Travel Pictures

oppy 4k flexible camera

Being able to share photos is an integral part of staying in touch with friends or family in this era. While most of us have great phones with even greater cameras to capture pictures, it is not always practical when you are on adventurous trips especially considering the battery life and fragile components in a phone. A solution to this problem is OPPY lifestyle camera. It is a 4K camera which is mounted on a flexible rod that you can take anywhere. This is a perfect replacement of selfie sticks and action camera that come with a bag full of accessories. OPPY camera is a go-anywhere camera which will change the way you take photos.

OPPY doesn’t have accessories like GoPro or other similar action cameras, and the flexible design can make it a self-mount, a tripod, or a selfie stick. The flexibility of OPPY means that you can create photos which were never produced before. You can wrap the flexible rod of OPPY around you or any other sporting equipment you can think of. It is not only high-quality camera equipment but also becomes a companion to any adventure.

The featured camera has two eyes which are used to capture pictures. It takes incredibly sharp resolution pictures and records videos in 4K. There are various modes like image, video, time-lapse, slow-motion, and animated GIF. It connects to an app in your phone so that you can share your photos and videos to social media instantly. It will become your constant companion with its sturdy splashproof design. The camera comes with a built-in lithium battery which lasts at least a day on a single charge. It saves your images on a mini SD card. OPPY is created by DS Global and Boud, teams of engineers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. There are various colors available, and you can pre-order it on Kickstarter.