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This 450-Feet Luxury Yacht Has No Emissions Except Water

Italian yacht designer Marco Ferrari has revealed his latest yacht concept called Project Neptune. The yacht is powered by hydrogen, emitting only pure water instead of harmful emissions.

This is a significant feature as large superyachts like Project Neptune often face criticism from environmentalists due to their size and high fuel consumption, which contributes to massive emissions.

The construction and delivery of these yachts can sometimes even lead to the destruction of heritage bridges in port cities, unless alternative arrangements are made and public outcry is addressed.

Ferrari’s design aims to provide a win-win solution by offering luxurious amenities while also addressing environmental concerns when the yacht is at sea.

Project Neptune is an impressive 450-foot (137.5 m) superyacht that conceals its size with sleek and flowing lines made of conventional aluminum. The yacht features an infinity pool overlooking the beach club at the stern, and another pool on a higher level.

Additionally, there is a helipad on the sundeck and a larger helipad on the foredeck, possibly reserved for the yacht owner.

The yacht includes four more staterooms with private balconies on the lower decks, as well as six suites, accommodating up to 22 guests. A crew of 50, including a doctor and nurse, can cater to the guests’ needs, and there is also an onboard hospital room.

Ample space is allocated for various superyacht toys, such as Jet Skis, Seabobs, kayaks, kiteboards, diving gear, and fishing equipment, ensuring guests can enjoy a relaxed holiday at sea.

To address concerns about superyachts, Ferrari has incorporated glass panels with heat-insulating foil to reduce the energy requirements of the air-conditioning units. The entire yacht is powered by hydrogen, aiming to eliminate emissions from such floating structures.

However, while this concept is promising, further work is needed to make hydrogen propulsion a reality. While luxuries offered by Ferrari can be acquired with money, hydrogen propulsion remains a dream, which is why the project is called Project Neptune.

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