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This 12-Year Old Girl Has Revealed One Of The Best Kept Secrets In The World


Have you ever wondered why everyone around you is living a life full of debt? People spend their lives paying off mortgage fees, college loans, health insurance fees and car insurance policies. The real reason has been a well kept financial secret that the common citizens don’t know.

Victoria, a 12 year old, has shown the world that the new generation is not ready to accept the concepts of old schoolers on finance, Forex, insurance, loans and banking. With some simple logic and concrete evidence, Victoria takes us through the current system of finance and proves in a short 12 minute speech how the banking system has been designed to keep the ordinary people enslaved under the banking and taxation system. Forex and finance agencies are complicit with the government in ensuring that the country stays in debt. The government uses these forex and private finance agencies to draw more and more loans and these Forex agencies charge huge markups on these loans in return.

Victoria’s speech is a light of hope. In the videos below, she not only dissects the problem of banking and forex but has also presented a solution. The solution may not be as concrete or financially advanced, but it does get us to think that there can be a better and simple fix to our problems of home mortgage, loans and Forex.
Check out the viral video below that is making rounds on the internet right now:
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