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Thieves Dressed As Employees Steal $50,000 Worth Of iPhones From Apple Store In New York

They say, act as if you belong and everything will work itself out. The same idea has inspired a bunch of thieves from NYC who have stolen iPhones worth thousands of dollars.

All they do is to dress up like the employees of the Apple Store, walk to the storage drawers of the store and pilfer Apple products including the iPhones. Earlier in March, another Apple Store was twice hit by fake employees resulting in the loss of 67 iPhones, amounting to nearly $50,000.


Image Source: Mac Rumors


The latest target was the Apple Store of SoHo. The thief, using the name Mo: managed to steal 19 iPhones worth $16,130. The thief was aided by an accomplice who stuffed the iPhones down their shirts and walked out of the store undetected.


Image Source: 9 To 5 Mac


Previously, Apple used to make personalized themed shirts and had its employees wear those for the product launch. The retail chief, Angela Ahrendts introduced the concept of a permanent uniform comprising of a blue shirt with a tiny Apple logo, not really hard to replicate.

The company needs to tighten its security around the larger stores that may fell victim to the same heist.