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These UFO Houses Built For US Soldiers In Taiwan Were Abandoned For A Spooky Reason

The Sanzhi ‘UFO Houses’ were being built in Taiwan by Hung Kuo Group – a Chinese company – back in 1978. However, the project was abandoned two years into construction and the amazing space village never saw completion. No one has set foot on this site since 1980, at least not legally. Rumors have floated about what happened here and although some say it was merely an economical setback, others believe that paranormal forces were at work here.

Designed to be vacation resorts for US soldiers serving in East Asia, construction began in 1978 at New Taipei City, Taiwan.

In essence, it was a live-in water park actually.

Construction halted in 1980 before any guests could check-in.

Insufficient funding has been cited as the reason, however, a number of people believe that it was paranormal activity that drove the builders away from this project.

Rumor has it that the resort was built on top of a graveyard where dead Dutch soldiers were buried. Workers claimed that they were often paid visits by spirits who were not very pleased for their slumber had been disturbed.

Fatal and mysterious accidents started taking place.

A number of workers committed suicide without any indication of being unhappy.

Urban explorers who broke into the site claim that the area is still haunted by soldiers and Hung Kuo workers.

Another legend states that the area was once home to a sacred dragon and should not have been disturbed.

The resort became an underground tourist attraction for fans of apocalyptic world and science fiction.

The images of abandoned resort have been used for professional and amateur films.

It was demolished back in 2008 despite online petition.

The land was leased to another company in 2010 who will be building a resort. Fingers crossed for how this project goes!