Wonderful Engineering

These Robots Are Changing The Way We See The World

Robotics has come a far way from being only limited to science fiction to actually making a difference in the world. That is why we have decided to pay tribute to robots that are currently making impacts best described as world-changing. Check out the list below and do let us know what you think of it;

1. Sophia was declared innovation Champion by the United Nations. It is a social AI that is capable of speech and carries out a conversation. It was given citizenship in Saudi Arabia thus giving rise to the debate that whether shutting her down implied murder.

2. Method-3 is a $100 million creation and allows you to control a mech suit that is capable of navigating any kind of terrain. It can wave its arms similar to a puppet on a strong. As of right now, it resides in a South Korea test facility.

3. BionicAnts don’t need remote controls. In fact, they respond to stimuli and are capable of communicating wirelessly with other BionicAnts for the sake of completing tasks.

4. BigDog is about the size of a mule and has been created by Boston Dynamics. BigDog is a military bot that can carry 100 pounds on its back and traverse terrains that its wheeled companions cannot.

5. CB2 is a child-like android that is capable of understanding contextual meanings behind gestures and facial expressions.

6. BionicFlyingFox requires help when it has to get off the ground, but once it is in the air, it relies on its 7-foot wingspan to operate autonomously. It can improve its flight behaviors by recording its flight data.

7. Cheetah 3 doesn’t have any cameras or environmental sensors but can still leap about 3 feet into the air, handle rough terrain, and even climb stairs.

8. Actroid-F can blink, speak, and even recognize faces. Hiroshi Ishiguro from Japan’s Osaka University has created this life-like android.

9. Spot is the younger brother of the BigDog. Spot became famous after a video where engineers would kick it to the ground, and it was able to stand back up without any help.

10. REEM was created by PAL-robotics. REEM was designed as a receptionist and tour guide for the sake of helping guests at malls, traffic hubs, or airports.

11. GhostSwimmer has been designed to look like a shark. This robot enables US Navy scouts to dive 300 feet under the water surface.

12. Atlas can do a backflip like a pro apart from running. This creation also comes from Boston Dynamics and can traverse any terrain.

13. Robugtix T8X mimics a spider and can crawl on 8 legs. It can be operated via remote control.

14. PETMAN can walk, run, crawl, and sweat. The android soldier is used for testing dangerous equipment and for executing rescue missions in war zones.

15. Spot-Mini is smaller and quieter than its big brother Spot. This robotic dog can actually become your pet, and you won’t have to worry about carpet getting peed on.

16. The Talon is capable of dragging 700 pounds of dead weight, identify IEDs, and can even take part in combat.

17. Kuratas has been inspired by anime. Engineer Kogoro Kurata created this user operated mech suit back in 2012. It features multiple weapons and can do more than just photo ops.

18. RHex is an all-terrain machine developed by Boston Dynamics. It has a waterproof body and can go almost anywhere.

19. Asimo is Honda’s humanoid that has been wowing people since 200.

20. LS3 can carry 400 pounds and has remained in service with the Marines. However, it was retired on account of being too heavy and too loud.

21. BionicWheelBot can mimic the spider found in Morocco that is capable of rolling itself into a ball and moving away.

22. WildCat is the fastest running quadrupedal robot with a top speed of 19.8 mph.

23. Eelume comes from Norwegian engineers and is a snake-like robot. It can navigate narrow irrigation tubes and is used for repair of deep-sea cables.

24. Handle is yet another creation from Boston Dynamics. It can reach a top speed of 9 mph and can also carry 45 pounds apart from being able to navigate tight spaces.