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These Quirky Bus Stops In Japan Are Shaped Like Fruit

Japan's tourist attraction of fruit shaped bus stands

Bus stops normally come in different shapes and sizes. Some are roadside minimum utility bus stops offering people waiting for their bus to sit and relax, while others come equipped with modern utilities.

Quite differently, bus stops are a pretty tourist attraction in the outskirts of Isahaya, in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. They aren’t only facilities for people to wait but also catch the ones passing by.

These amazing bus stops were constructed copying several different fruits, including watermelon, strawberry, orange, muskmelon, and tomato. The reason for their catchy design is rooted down to attract tourists who visited Japan for the 1990 expo.

Most of the Expo that went on for continuous six months happened in the city of Osaka. It attracted nearly 23 million people worldwide and was so successful that it encouraged small fairs with similar themes to take place in different cities of Japan.

Konagai wasn’t any behind either, ran an exhibition termed ‘Nagasaki Journey,’ which had these fruit-shaped bus stations built as part of it. These fruit-shaped bus stations proved pretty fruitful back in the time and kept attracting tourists for the years to come.

However, the administration later included the small town of Konagai in the Isahaya territory along with other small towns’ inclusion. The inclusion that took place in 2005 resulted in attracting more attention to these fruity bus stands from more visitors than ever before.

Fruit bus stands of Isahaya are kept in a well-maintained condition to date and are a sight to behold for people visiting the territory for the first time.

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