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These Pictures By An Artificial Intelligence Machine Will Scare You To Death

This Halloween, we have seen some pretty scary outfits. From floating Dementors to pumpkin monsters, this indeed was one of the scariest and craziest Halloweens. And one project aims to figure out what makes a scary thing or sight, “scary”.

The project “Nightmare Machine” is part of a collaboration between Australia and American researchers, where they have devised an algorithm which figures out the aspects which differentiate truly horrifying and scary videos or images from the rest.

Zombie Version Of Natalie Portman
[Image Courtesy of Nightmare Machine]

After assimilating this information, the data is used to create the most cringeworthy and terrifying images, including this one from American Horror Story, where the faces have been disfigured with features like hollowed out eyes, decaying flesh and added shadows are creating a sense of unease.

[Image Courtesy of Nightmare Machine]
Even the all loved and adored Mickey Mouse seems horrifying while standing in front of the human skulls.


The project primarily comprised of researchers from MIT which were working towards understanding people’s fear of AI technology. And if a computer could understand and visualise the cause behind the fear.

The project even turns international landmarks into bloodied images.
[Image Courtesy of Nightmare Machine]
Co-creator Iyad Rahwan, talked about the experiment,

“Our research group’s main goal is to understand the barriers between human and machine cooperation,” Rahwan told Live Science. “Psychological perceptions of what makes humans tick and what makes machines tick are important barriers for such cooperation to emerge. This project tries to shed some light on that front — of course, in a goofy, hackerish Halloween manner.”

You can visit the project’s homepage and vote on the scariest images created by AI. But beware, this is not for the faint-hearted.

Here’s a picture of America’s sweetheart Ellen DeGeneres looking like a cross between Batman’s Joker and Two-Face.



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