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These Pickup Lines Created By AI Are Ridiculously Hilarious

An Artificial Intelligence may just have more game than you. Maybe it is true that machines will be leading the apocalypse against the human race. Anyways, In a new blog post, popular AI master Janelle Shane has noted some AI that truly know how to woo people.

These AI are creating pickup lines for every occasion and are ready to use for all your cheeky needs. Just kidding, most of them are so bad you’ll just laugh while reading them.

Janelle used neural networks, a whole lot of training data, and a language model by OpenAI called GPT-3, to create four different variants. These produced pickup lines based on an article headline. You know those clickbait headlines like “The top ten pickup lines that will get your next date” and etc. The AI had to create pickup lines that it believed would be included in such articles.

The variants all had different names, DaVinci, Curie, Babbage, and Ada. Each variant consisted of neural networks of different sizes and layers. DaVinci, The largest of the variants, created the following lines (read at your own expense).

Are you imaging what a doggo in a trench coat looks like? Me too.

If you think these are bad, you will be amazed. Babbage was even better.

The butterfly one actually works, trust me. Now Curie was pretty interesting

I will have to try these the next time I go on a date (I hope). Lastly, Ada was the smallest neural network and thus didn’t train well. Producing random works or gibberish without context like “Body Softening Pads” or “CAPE FASHION”.

I bet you’ll google what Body Softening Pads are.

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