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These Paintings From Year 1900 Show How People Thought Year 2000 Would Look Like

Although 1900 isn’t that long ago, the scientific and technological progress achieved in this time frame outstrips the rest of history before it combined together. The Information Technology Age has made the collection, transfer and analysis of research extremely easy for us and thus the information is compounding exponentially throughout the globe and this is contributing to rapid scientific progress. We have always thought of how the world will be in a century or two especially technology-wise and how it will affect our everyday lives. It turns out that we are not the only ones.

Th collection of French paintings from the year 1900 show how artists thought the next century would turn out to be. At that time, there were no proper airplanes, computers or even radios available for people and we can see how they never even got a chance to imagine how our lives would be at 2000. But, still it is interesting to see how they thought about the future.

The first is the automatic room cleaner-robot type machine. Well, this one is relatively close as there have been experiments of using robots for housekeeping.

The new concept of mechanized farming. Although it hasn’t been made this simple yet, farming is now a simpler process than last century.

Converting eggs into baby chicks. This one has been made but it takes 3 weeks to get it done!

A prequel to Trailer homes perhaps?

Some of these machines seem ridiculous enough! Automated barbers?

And Beauticians as well.

A robot tailor that can sew clothes instantly.

And an automatic orchestra.

This flying machine closely resembles a helicopter and how it is to be used.

A heavily armored airship. This could have been achieved since these floating planes were quite common those days but their usage ended abruptly with the Heidenberg disaster.

These small winged planes are everywhere. People were fascinated by aviation at that time so these kind of imaginations were everywhere. These Aero-cars are everywhere and even being used for mass transportation. Just remember how the airplane wasn’t even invented at that time. Now they might be thinking even ahead than us in this painting!

Flying postman delivers mail right outside your window.

And airborne police too.

Here come the flying firefighters!

Flying explorers, however, has been achieved to some extent with gliders.

Future war planes with flapping wings!

And armored cars since tanks weren’t event invented at that time.

There have also been illustrations of us controlling marine life like sea horses. We have been able to pull off a few tricks on Dolphins but nothing concrete.

So, can you make pictures right now and accurately predict how year 2115 is going to be?