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These MIT Scientists Say They’ve Discovered A Way To Completely Reverse Climate Change

MIT Scientists Think They’ve Discovered How To Reverse Climate Change

Scientists at MIT have figured out how to prevent climate change. The whole idea is centered on creating thin silicon “space bubbles.” They would then serve as an extra barrier against the harmful solar radiation from the Sun.

The “space bubbles” would be built to slow down, if not stop, climate change.

Over the past few decades, Earth’s average temperature has risen. Therefore, finding ways to reduce climate change continues to be a primary priority for most scientists.

The new concept by MIT researchers is basically an improvised version of the approach put forward by astronomer Roger Angel. Angel suggested using a “cloud” of tiny spacecraft to shield Earth from solar radiation.

MIT researchers employed extended silicon bubbles in place of the spacecraft while developing Angel’s initial proposal. So how could a “raft” of space bubbles protect Earth from the Sun’s radiation?

Let us delve deeper into the concept to gain a better understanding. The primary idea is to deliver the bubbles to the L1 Lagrange Point between Earth and the Sun. The gravitational pull of the two giant bodies and the centrifugal force is balanced at the Lagrange points. This can make L1 Point a great place for satellites and spacecraft.

Since our star’s and planet’s gravitational pulls balance out at that location, the space bubbles should be able to float freely, unhindered by either body.

The researchers concluded that some spacecraft would still be necessary to maintain the current course of events. It might, however, have a solid chance of slowing down or even reversing climate change.

It should be noted that MIT does not consider this a replacement for our current climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. Instead, it is a contingency approach for extreme events.

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