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These Mini Robots Can Potentially Steal Any Car With Ease

So now it seems that we will have another thing to worry about whenever we have to park our car anywhere and leave it there for some time. Keep a close eye on these sneaking teams of robots who can steal your cars in a flash.

These cute little thieves will quietly surround your car and, get its tires off the ground and move it away in just a matter of seconds. We seriously have no idea where the ethics committee regarding the robotics development is because this is a product that may have serious consequences. Nevertheless in a video, they are much fun to see. They are completely autonomous and execute their job very efficiently.

The idea was developed by AVERT systems (Autonomous Vehicle Emergency Recovery Tool) in Europe. The irony is that originally it was meant for law enforcement as the robots can be used to clear a vehicle out of the way like fork lifters or remove an explosive rigged car from a dangerous vicinity. But the way we see the product, it is bound to work the other way and help thieves instead.

Here is how it works. First there is a base station that provides charging, navigation and other activities for the robots. It also holds them together in a packed shape.

Next, the robots dislodge from the base station and move towards the vehicle in a group. Two of them attach themselves with each tyre of the car and lift it up.

Then they drag away the booty and remove all of the parts. Just kidding! The robots are nearing production and hopefully around 2016, they will be seen at public locations. One thing is for sure. Parallel parking will probably end with their introduction because they are autonomous robots. They won’t let you go no matter who you are.

Click here to see the complete video beware in the future: