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These MacGyver Hacks Will Work In Real Life As Well

These MacGyver Hacks Will Work In Real Life As Well!

Almost all of us know about MacGyver. It aired as a classic ‘80s series and was recently rebooted as well. Did you know that many of the MacGyver hacks can be used in real life as Check out the following eight amazing MacGyver hacks that are feasible IRL too.

Fixing A Radiator Leak!

This hack was shown in episode 19, season 2, classic series. Our hero was in Central America on a rescue mission, and his vehicle breaks down. As it turns out, the vehicle had a serious radiator leak. MacGyver hacks the problem by making use of eggs. He cracks open a couple of eggs and uses egg whites to fix the radiator leak. You’d be surprised to know that is actually an old army repair trick.

Surviving A Walk-in Freezer

One of the famous MacGyver hacks is getting out of a walk-in freezer. This particular MacGyver hack was aired in episode 7, season 1, classic series. He was locked in a walk-in freezer and had to get out of it. He used some ice, a heat source, and some metal bars to make his way out of the containment. He made use of the metal as a channel for heat and melts some of the ice via heat from the lightbulb. The melted ice is then guided into the freezer’s lock. All he had to do then was to wait for the water to freeze again and he would be able to open the door without any hassle.

Lifting Fingerprints

This hack happened in episode 1, season 1, new series. The hero of our story has to figure out a way of lifting fingerprints off of a champagne glass. As expected, he doesn’t have the required equipment for the task. What does he do? He makes use of soot and adhesive to lift prints off of the glass.

Build Your Own Thermite Welding Torch

This is again one of the amazing MacGyver hacks and was used in episode 7, season 1, classic series. In this particular episode, he had to escape a walk-in freezer and also weld some metal without a welding torch. He collects some magnesium shavings from a racing bike, rust from a paint can, and finds a roadside flare for getting the torch started.

Making DIY Tear Gas!

This particular MacGyver hack was shown in episode 10, season 3, classic series. In this episode, our hero is racing against the clock to prevent a terrorist attack and during the course has to foil a bank robbery. He makes use of cayenne pepper, vinegar, and baking soda for creating his own tear gas and being successful.

Hot Air Balloon – Up, Up, And Away!

This particular hack was shown in episode 6, season 3, classic series. During this episode, MacGyver builds himself an air balloon by using homemade glue, scraps of nylon, an entire metal shed, and some gas canisters.

MacGyver Hacks – Fixing An Acid Leak!

This one was aired in episode 1, season 1, classic series. He was face to face with a rather nasty acid leak. Most would have given up on the sulfuric acid leak but not our hero. Instead, he makes use of chocolate for fixing the leak. The sucrose and glucose in the chocolate reacted with the acid and plugged the leak by forming a ‘gummy’ residue.

The Baby Diaper Hack

This one was used in episode 18, season 3, classic series. Our hero was face to face with a baby and had to change the diapers. His solution? Duct tape!

What do you think of these hacks? Do let us know!

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