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This Live Floral Jewellery Actually Grows With Time

Flowers make beautiful wearables and I would always prefer giving jewellery made from easy-to-the-eye flowers and petals rather than the fake diamonds I have to pose as real. But, the problem with these green jewellery items is that they lose their look and aroma within a day or so and you just cannot buy one for her every day. But, courtesy thid Etsy seller that is providing us with the first-ever floral ornaments that grow with time.

They have been named wearable planters and are being sold on the craft site. Susan Mcleary, the American florist behind the creation of these timeless, succulent jewels, may just have reinvented the way you wear nature around you, literally! Now you won’t have to dispose off the beautiful flowers when they start to wilt.

Here are some fantastic pictures of evergreen flowering plants becoming a part of your body:

For each piece, a real plant is selected by hand. Once it has been chosen, it is attached to an accessory where it can grow for up to 4 weeks. So, instead of a day or two, you can have these green buddies around for a month. Once they outgrow the pendant, they can be recouped and potted in a plant for good measure! The unique concept of jewellery will keep nature and greenery with you for a long time and help you grow with it into something awesome. It is especially great for weddings since a lot of flowers are wasted away needlessly in these ceremonies. Susan didn’t think it could become an actual ornament as she used to make them just for photoshoots. Now she is making these wearables for her customers and doing great work at it.

Check out her page for more details.

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