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These Green Screen Pictures Will Show How Hollywood Works Its Magic

Hollywood has made use of technologies such as CGI and green screens for giving us some of the best films ever along with TV shows that have come to define eras. It is safe to say that movies and TV shows wouldn’t have been able to capture our imaginations the way that they do without these special effects.

So, have you ever wondered how it actually looks like when these iconic scenes are being shot? Artists should be commended on their skills as well because sometimes it is the sheer talent that is required for filming scenes that rely on green screens. We have put together a list of some of the behind-the-scenes pictures that will show you Hollywood at work.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Here’s an iconic scene from the famous Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. These green hands won’t show up in the movie, and you will have a Hogwarts where magic exists.

Game Of Thrones

We all have come to love Game of Thrones (of course we do not include the final season to that list). Dragons were what made the show stand out with their ferocity and their size. However, look here at how a dragon actually looked before the CGI did its work.

Beauty And The Beast

This is a homage to the acting skills of Emma Watson. Dan Stevens had to walk around in a padded suit, but Emma didn’t break her character and performed her scenes with grace.

Life Of Pi

That tiger was not real, sorry. However, it is a great effort on the part of directors that Suraj Sharma was acting and floating on water in reality as well.

Space Jam

The original Space Jam was released in the ’80s and showed how good of an actor Michael Jordan was!


Another famous movie that relied on green screens and CGI for getting the desired result from its audience.

The Avengers

Mark Ruffalo is also the guy who had to wear the CGI-suit during his role as the Hulk in the Marvel universe. No wonder he was always angry.

Mad Max: Fury Road

This movie definitely was able to drive it home with its amazing shots and special effects. The cars were authentic, but all of the flips, explosions, and even the dystopian desert were fake.

Game Of Thrones

The great wall from the TV show and its reality!

I Am Legend

Who here remembers this emotional scene from I Am Legend? Robert was attacked by a mutant dog, and his dog protected him eventually becoming infected. However, when you see how the attack of the mutant dog was actually filmed, you can’t help but smile.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Effects actor Sean Gunn had to wear the suit for Rocket and posed low to the ground for long hours in order to pull off the role.

The Matrix

Remember the scene where they lean back to avoid the bullets in slow motion?

Boardwalk Empire

And here you can again see how a few green screens can help you completely change the scene.


And this is how Godzilla came into existence in a very believing manner!

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