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These Glass Pods Attached To A Steep Cliff Are Actually Rooms Of A New Hotel For Daredevils

Welcome to Nature Vive Skyloadge that allows the guests to sleep on a mountain cliff. It is located in the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru. Any guest who is up to the task is allowed to spend evening in a glass capsule that is strapped to the mountain at a height of 400ft.

There are a total of three suits and each one of them measure in at 7.5m x 2.5m. Each sports a dining table, four beds and private bathroom along with a dry ecological sink and toilet. Guests either climb the 400ft on mountain or have to take a trail that sports zip-lines. There is no need of prior climbing experience though.

What’s the best thing about this? You get to enjoy the 300 degree amazing of the valley. Since the glass pods are see-through and if you want some privacy, just draw the curtains up. The daily rate is $300 and includes a round-trip transportation, equipment, guides, breakfast over the Sacred Valley and a gourmet dinner with a bottle of wine.

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