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These Floating Forests Will Add Greenery To Coastal Cities

Rotterdam floating forest4

It is difficult and costly to maintain green pockets in the large cities, but without them, the effects on environment and health of the public would be too devastating. It is particularly difficult for the water logged and coastal cities as the land is limited and there is a scarcity of fresh water as well. So, Dutch design firm Mothership has designed floating tree capsules to make up for this lack of greenery in the port city of Rotterdam in Netherlands. It has been named  ‘Dobberend Bos’ or dobbing forest. 

It has been heavily inspired from Columbian Jorge Bakker’s “In search of habitus” that was an aquarium full of artificial trees attached to buoys from below. The Bobberend Bos aims to make a pilot project of twenty real trees on buoys made from recycled offshore parts that can no longer fulfill the purpose. The trees themselves will be those who have to be cut off from the constructions sites. The first prototype was built in March 2014 and authorities really liked the new concept. This spring will see the coast of Rotterdam have over twenty trees floating around. It will be a fresh awakening for the people of the city living in the concrete jungles by the sea. Here is to a greener Rotterdam!

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