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These Are The Winners Of “Shot On iPhone” Challenge

The winners of the annual ‘Shot on iPhone Challenge’ photography competition have been announced by Apple. The tech giant is known for its yearly competition where the customers are challenged to take a brilliant picture using their iPhones. Any model of the iPhone is allowed to enter into the competition; however; the newer and more advanced models dominate the competition.

The ten winners of this year Shot on iPhone Challenge will see their images featured on billboards in selected cities as well as in Apple retail stores and online. The winners come from all over the world including Germany, Israel, and the US. The competition was judged by a panel of experts including Pete Souza the former chief official White House photographer for President Obama.

The winning images from Shot on iPhone Challenge are usually landscape based with many photographers making use of pattern and abstraction. One of the most striking images is of the façade of an apartment block. The picture was captured by Alex Jiang using an iPhone XS Max. The colorful building is a juxtaposition of both chaos and symmetry. Judge Chen said, ‘This is a photo filled with lovely color and sense of story in the composition. Zooming in, you can see the details of each family and their unique touch. The basketball hoop is placed right in the middle of the photo, adding more stories behind the image.’

Annet de Graaf, a judge from The Netherlands, commented, ‘The narrative in architecture. There is actually life behind the surface of an average apartment building in an unknown city. Vivid colors and perfect composition with the basketball board right in the middle! Great eye.’ Many of the images that won the competition were actually made possible thanks to Apple’s innovations in lens and software technology. Thanks to the advances made by Apple, users can now adjust the depth of field and also make use of enhanced ISP and advanced algorithms.

Check out the winning shots from Shot on iPhone Challenge below and let us know what you think of them!

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