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These Are The 10 Most Stressful Jobs In 2016

Work-related stress is a crucial factor for satisfaction and depends upon your job requirement and its description. However, there are certain professions for which stressful situations are merely just another day on the job. Job search site CareerCast carried out an evaluation of 200 profession in their Jobs Rated Report to ascertain the most stressful jobs.

They considered 11 stress factors while making these evaluations and the factors include travel required, deadlines, working under public scrutiny, environmental conditions, risk to one’s own life, hazards, physical demands and interactions with public at large. The jobs that have ended up in the top 10 list of the most stressful jobs of 2016 involve some form of personal danger. Check out the list below.

The first position has been taken by Enlisted Military Personnel with a median salary of $27,936 and is by far the most stressful job out there. It even surpasses the other occupations by huge amount when it comes to stress. At second place we have Firefighter with a median salary of $45,970 and subjected to many risks similar to a military personnel. Kyle Kensing, Online Content Editor of CareerCast said, “Firefighters are crucial to our public safety, putting out fires and pulling people from burning cars, buildings and other dangerous situations.”

Airline pilots are next with a median salary of $103,390 and Police Officers are on 4th place with a median salary of $58,630. The fifth place was secured by Event Coordinators with a median salary of $46,490. They work under strict deadlines and are required to meet clients in high-stress situations.

The middle ranks are shared by personals who work in results-oriented fields and are subjected to high pressure. They include Public Relations Executive, Senior Corporate Executive, Broadcaster and Newspaper Reporter. At number 10, we have Taxi Drivers who have a median salary of $23,210 and has the highest percentage growth outlook – 13% – on this list.

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