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These Are The 10 Most Bizarre Inventions Of 2015

Today we look back at 2015 and see what has been achieved during this last amazing year. From 3D printers that make pancakes to levitating light bulbs, today we will cover some of the most bizzare inventions in 2015. Check out the list and enjoy!

10. Hangtime in the hot tub

This is HydroHammock, that for some reason, is a combination of a hot tub and a hammock bundled together as a portable package. It has been built using high-tensile fabric that is water sealed and is capable of holding two people and about 50 gallons of hot (cold) water. People responded quite well to the idea and transformed it into a crowdfunding campaign success.

9. Diabolical dispenser

The Protopiper is a unique take on the tape gun that can be used as a 3D sketching tool, allowing users to create wireframe models that are life-sized along with hinges, axles and bearings. The tool might not be really handy, but for some odd reason, we want it.

8. Printed pancakes

While 3D printers are being used to create a lot of stuff and they are really taking the market by storm, the PancakeBot ‘prints’ your design of pancakes! You can read about it here.

7. Audio overkill

Meet the only one of a kind, smart ‘Forgigs’. This is what happens when you overkill folks. The car has five amplifiers, 16 loudspeakers and two 11.8” subwoofers and to think that all of these have been incorporated into a car that is one of the smallest one out there. The maximum output is 5,720W and 150dB. Do you really need it?! Who needs it?

6. Failing to make a splash

Daniel Garvin thought creating the Main Drain – a urinal for home that gets attached to an existing toilet was a good idea. Folks didn’t really agree and his crowdfunding campaign failed. The designed urinal was intended for a single person.

5. The writing’s on the wall

The Bond robot is capable of writing in different writing styles and shall save you from the embarrassment of having to look at your own writing. Why is this gadget in the list? How many of you can recognize the handwriting of Nicola Tesla? Exactly! What’s the point of having a robot write in the handwriting style of Nicola Tesla when you can simply write it yourself in your handwriting or get it printed?

4. Not nailing it

Patrick Priebe is known for his awesome creations but this year attempted to make the Homer Simpson’s hammer to the real world and failed when the hammer suffered from lack of power and is useless on anything other than very soft materials.

3. Face palm

If you want a vase that you can look at, visualize the negative space and somehow pick up that it looks like your face, then this is for you! It personalizes the Rubin’s vase optical illusion and can cater up to 16 faces in a single vase. As expected, a lot of people like the idea and the campaign was able to raise over six times the goal.

2. Ummm … brella

Is it a rainy day? Do you still want to go cycling? Say hello to LeafxPro – an umbrella designed for your bike that sports aerodynamics and will protect you from rain that is falling head on you. Useful? Hmmmm… NO!

1. The levitating lightbulb

Why not? Since we have levitating hoverboard and trains and Bluetooth speakers, why not have a levitating bulb as well. Flyte is a bulb that levitates and makes use of wireless charging and was touted as a conversation starter! The base could also be used for charging your smartphone.