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These Are The 10 Countries With The Most Engineering Graduates


The output of a country’s universities is considered to be directly related to their social, educational and economic advancement. So surveys counting and judging the total number of engineering graduates per year have become more and more common and now has turned into a yardstick for measurement of the prosperity of a country.

Continuing the trend, this year UNESCO Institute for Statistics has also released a list of countries producing the highest number engineering graduates per year. As expected The United States and Japan were in the list. But there were some refreshingly surprising entries as well, which has certainly turned some heads.

Although we would expect the USA to be at the top, but this year Russia took the lead in creating the most number of engineering graduates by a long way. They were followed by the United States, who narrowly edged Iran at the third place. According to the report, Russia churns out nearly half a million engineering graduates per annum, and when compared with the next in line countries, i.e. the United States and Iran; this is quite a lead.

Image Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics

A major upset in this list is the absence of world’s two most populous countries, China and India. Surely they would have been on the list, but as mentioned by UNESCO, due to lack of data these two countries were excluded from the survey.

Other than the big boys, some of the developing countries also made it into the list which is quite heartening. Countries like Vietnam and Indonesia appear to be producing over 100,000 engineering graduates annually, which bids a brilliant future for these countries.

Image Source: Statista , Forbes


According to the World Economic Forum, “talent will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth in the 21st century”.

It will be the technology and its experts that will make a nation stand out from the rest in the near future of our world, and these sort of surveys show which countries have realised this undoubted fact and are investing in the right place.

Is your country listed in this survey? What do you think about it?

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