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Here’s Why Fifa World Cup 2014 Is The Most Advanced And Scientific Football Tournament To Date


World Cup 2014 has begun and so has the adrenaline rush, which the world cup brings with it; the tension and anxiety is high, all the players are working hard and there is this sense of determination which reflects upon their faces. Apart from that, there is a reason why this World Cup is getting so much limelight on the Internet; it is the most scientific and advanced football tournament that has ever been seen. We decided to cover all that is new for this World Cup, so read on and be amazed at how wonderfully engineered this tournament is!


Finally the free kicks are going to become a bit organized thanks to the foam vanishing spray that is water based and shall be carried by referees in special belts. Using this foam, referees will be able to draw lines on ground precisely telling the defending wall where it needs to stand when the free kick is being awarded. The line disappears in about a minute without leaving any trace. The technology has been used before for the under-20 World Cup last year but it will be the first time that this technology shall be employed at the World Cup.

If you think that was awesome, wait till you hear this; goal line technology has been approved for this World Cup and is being supplied by a German company Goal Control and it uses 7 high speed cameras – each located at the goal mouth, monitoring action – and can accurately identify if the ball crossed the goal line or was stopped before that. MD, Dirk Broichhausen, has claimed that the setup is ‘un-hackable’ since it doesn’t use Internet for operation. The system can detect with an accuracy of 0.5 centimeters if a goal has been conceived or not.

Hey check out my Shoes

Just like a boxer’s gloves, a football player’s best asset are the boots that player uses and owing to this fact, football boots have undergone a revolutionizing change over the past few years. This World Cup will be witnessing some of the latest football boots by the leading manufacturers. Nike has come with its Mercurial Superfly boot, which will be worn, by Cristiano Ronaldo and many others. The boot is special since it employs a peculiar three-knit weave in order to minimize the material between ball and the player’s foot. The idea is to enhance the player’s touch and allow for more control and precise handling. The top of the boot enjoys the Dynamic Fit Collar that has been designed to deliver a better fit and make the boot feel more ‘natural’. The upper section and heel is connected via Brio cable that is a support akin to tendon and as per Nike; ‘acts like a slingshot that helps propel the player forward. A new, more-flexible full-length carbon plate helps players to more efficiently transmit power through the ground. Added studs at the boot’s heel offer stability, and extra traction has been placed at the toe to give players more grip and propulsion during the critical final 10 per cent of their stride.’

Another boot that will be used by a number of other key players is the Wilmslow-based Warrior Global’s Gambler. The Gambler enjoys nylon stacks located on the front of the boot, which is capable of absorbing the speed of ball, and allow for more control. The instep has an enhanced and more ergonomic plate that allows for enhanced grip and ball control whereas the detailed designed sole imparts better traction and comfort to the player.

General Manager of Warrior Football, Richard Wright said; ‘Warrior’s goal is to deliver products which support our players to amplify their mesmeric skills as well as helping the rest of the footballing community to improve their game.’

Wear this and Remain Cool

How can you expect the players to perform their best when they are being subjected to temperatures as high as 36°C? This is where the scientifically designed kits come in. Nike’s tag line for the World Cup is; ‘Cool under pressure’ which seems befitting as they have incorporated new fabrics along with thermo-regulation technology. The kit has 56% increased airflow as compared to the previous kits. The kit has also been made from 94% polyester and 6% cotton, which imparts the kit a feel of cotton and the heat regulation properties of polyester.

Let’s head over to Adidas which has something far more impressive to show off; adiPower. The firm has come up with a design of pre-cooling sleeves and vests. The basic idea is to reduce the body temperature and delay the fatigue caused by heat. The garments are worn after they have been placed in freezer for sometime and allows for the temperatures down over 15-20 minutes. This effect is achieved by imparting a number of ‘hyper absorbent granule zones’ that are specifically placed around the forearms and upper back (Body’s primary cooling areas).

Train like a Boss

Adidas also unveiled another technology that greatly helped players in the training; Smart Ball. This, as the name implies, is a ball that comes with built-in sensors that can tell how hard the ball has been struck and its trajectory. This allows for the players to determine the precise impact points for corners, penalties and free kicks. The gadget pairs with the firm’s micoach app allowing the players to learn and improve kicking and ball control skills.
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