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These 8 Content Search Tools Are Best Alternatives To BuzzSumo

These 8 Content Search Tools Are Best Alternatives To BuzzSumo featured

It is hard to keep track of all the amazing content that is published on a daily basis on the Internet and it makes sense if there was a platform that could provide you with all the amazing stories pertaining to the niche you’re working on. BuzzSumo is one such platform, however, it is a paid service. So, what do we do? You sit back, relax and check out this amazing list that we’ve compiled for you which will provide you with 7 amazing content search tools for when you need ideas to brainstorm on.

Note : Blekko and Topsy are no longer functional. Blekko was acquired by IBM Watson and Topsy was acquired by Apple.

8. EpicBeat Epictions

This platform will allow you to find the latest trends, influencers and content that actually matters. You can search and discover various channels that are best suited for the content you’re looking for based on the format, day of week, keyword and sentiment. The best part about this platform is the graphical representation of data.

7. Social Mention

This is a social media search engine that goes through user-generated content blogs along with comments, bookmarks, news, events, videos and much more.

6. Pinterest

Do we even need to talk about what this is? It features infographics, images, storytelling, typography and much more.

5. Blekko

“Blekko is a company that provides a web search engine with the stated goal of providing better search results than those offered by Google Search, with results gathered from a set of 3 billion trusted webpages and excluding such sites as content farms”

4. Twitter Search

Twitter is the best place for searching topic ideas along with trending articles. You can find popular folks and this opens up myriad of new topics for you.

3. Alltop

This platform features all of the top headlines from popular topics. The website verifies each blog before enlisting the headline and hence there’s a very low probability of you ending up with bad content ideas.

2. Topsy

It is a social search and analytics company that is capable of maintaining quite an extensive indexing of links, articles and tweets. Topsy allows you to draw insights from Twitter and Google plus.

1. I am on demand

This is the best platform that you’ll find when it comes to brainstorm ideas and search blogs. It’s quite user friendly and all that you need to do is to type your interest topic or keywords and you’ll be served with thousands of blogs that have been handpicked by the cloud computing company.

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