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These 7 Tricks Will Help You Prevent Your Charger Cables From Breaking

We all own smartphones, right? In fact, there is a high probability that you are actually reading this on your smartphone right now. The old saying, ‘they don’t make things like they used to’ is quite befitting for the charger cables of these smartphones.

The charger cables tend to break at the most inconvenient of times. So, are they designed this way or are we not aware of how to actually use our phone charger cables? As it happens, this debate might take forever. So, instead; we have put together a list of seven ways that can help you prevent your phone charger cables from breaking.

Check out the list below and let us know what you think of it;

Properly Taking Care Of Them

It is important that you always hold the plug element of the cable when you are removing it. It should also be noted that you should take extra care to make sure that you don’t bend the cable close to the ends. It also makes sense to keep it in a protective case when it is not in use.

Invest In Cable Protectors

Cable protectors impart added protection to the point at which the cable connects to the plastic or metal plug.

Magnetic Adapters Are A Good Choice

You can completely avoid the problem of your charger cables breaking down by making use of the magnetic adaptors rather than the conventional cables.

Make Use Of A Spring

Although this is an older trick; it remains quite effective to this date. Sheathing your cable in an old spring can help you to safeguard them against breakage.

Rely On Electrical Tape

Another simple and cheap method of protecting your charger cables is to wrap the electrical tape around the ends of the cord that connect with the plug.

Heat Shrinking Charger Cables

Heat shrink tubing can also greatly strengthen your charger cables.

Paracord Bracelets For Charger Cables

You can always repurpose a paracord bracelet for adding an extra layer of protection.