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These 20 Stunning Satellite Photos Will Change Your Perspective Of Our World

Photographer Benjamin Grant has now launched a hardcover book based on his mission to change our perspective of our planet with his ingenious photo project – Daily Overview.

Grant has been sharing one satellite photo from his Digital Globes every day, and today his catalogue is one of the most breathtaking collections to watch. While talking about his Herculean effort, he said,

“With a focal length 16 times longer than a standard DSLR camera, the cameras are so powerful that you can take a picture of a beach ball on the Golden Gate Bridge in full resolution…from Los Angeles. I try to present the images with no bias and let people decide what these altered landscapes mean, based on the facts and the visual evidence in the frame. I believe that this perspective is a means to start a conversation about the condition of our planet and how we can better protect it.”

This jaw-dropping collection has over 200 high-resolution satellite photographs. The catalogue is titled “Overview: A New Perspective of Earth”, and can be purchased through Amazon.

Grant added, “I create the images by stitching together numerous high-resolution satellite photographs. I partnered with a satellite company called DigitalGlobe and accordingly have access to their full archive of imagery. Once I have put together a composite image, I then treat it like a photograph to make it as crisp and easy to understand as possible to accentuate certain patterns, colours, or places.”

All of the following pictures are taken from Amazon.

#1 Valparaíso, Chile

#2 Palmanova, Italy

#3 Beach Pool, Mona Vale, NSW, Australia

#4 Al Falah Housing Project, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

#5 Seville, Spain

#6 Bahamas

#7 Salt And Clay Pan, Namib Desert, Namibia

#8 Boca Raton, Florida

#9 Bourtange, Vlagtwedde, Netherlands

#10 Pivot Irrigation Fields, Wadi As-Sirhan Basin, Saudi Arabia

#11 Los Caracoles Pass, Andes Mountains

#12 Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, China

#13 Fruit Orchards, Huelva, Spain

#14 Bahá’í House Of Worship, Wilmette, Illinois

#15 Sun City, Arizona, USA

#16 Niagara Falls, Canada, United States

#17 Plaza Del Ejecutivo, Mexico City, Mexico

#18 Cairo, Egypt


#19 Plaça De Tetuan, Eixample District, Barcelona, Spain

#20 Southern California Logistics Airport, Victorville, California, USA

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