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These 20 Life-hacks Will Make Cleaning More Fun

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Cleaning can be a stressful job and that is exactly why we have compiled this list of 20 tricks and tips to help you make the act of cleaning a bit more interesting and fun. Do let us know which tip you like the most.

20. Washing hands is Fun Kids

19. Stove Cleaning Made Easy

18. Trash

Make Holes to Reduce Suction When you Lift the Shopping Bag Out.

17. Storing Used Cooking Oil

You can store used cooking oil in cans such as the one below to make the cleaning process easy.

16. Let those headlights Glow

Use Toothpaste to make these headlights shine.

15. Newspaper Beneath your Garbage

This reduces the water beneath your garbage bag.

14. Keeping the Bath clean

13. Get a Streak-Free Shine with Newspaper

12. Shower head and Vinegar

11. Cleaning the Microwave

10. Dump Swiffers and Use Towel

9. Deck Cleaned without Power Washer

8. Shop vacs Equals rolling mop buckets

7. Small Sinks are Not a problem Anymore

6. Squeegee to remove pet hair from carpet

5. Paint Tray and Foil for Splash Free Storage

4. Cereal Container – Dust bin for Car

3. Keep Garbage in Place with Command Strips

2. Tension Rod under the Sink

1. Shoe Organizers