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These 20 Engineering Memes Will Give You A Good Laugh This Weekend


Surviving college is one of the best experiences you will ever go through. It’s exciting and frustrating but at the end of the day, you just kind of fall in love with your school. This does not happen while you are actually there though. What follows is a list of struggle that every college student, more or less, goes through.

20. How It Starts vs. How It Ends.

19. Dressing Up.

18. We all are Jon Snow.

17. Finishing that Assignment.

16. This dog is all of us.

15. I can actually feel the hand cramp.

14. Clearly there’s a theme. Eating is hard.

13. My books were at least 13 pounds heavier after studying.

12. Naturally, they’re missing the 5th stage: the no-show.

11. Must be a marketing major.

10. When you can’t afford gas, but want to look classy in your student neighbourhood.

9. Coffee was basically for procrastinating students.

8. Vending machines provide the most basic form of nourishment.

7. You start to give the teacher exactly what they asked for.

6. This is why students hoard cutlery like it will one day be a form of currency.

5. Cooking level: broke college student

4. We demand a reduction in the price of textbooks.

3. You become a living, breathing math problem

2. How sleeping habits are defined

1. The calendar that you never need to update.