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These 19 Insane Paintings Will Totally Mess With Your Brain

There are some artists who draw to please you; some do less abstract things while others just try to show how weird their imagination is on canvas. Then there are these amazing artists who play with our minds to create a dual illusion in a single painting. I personally am a big fan of these paintings as they are a source of dissipating creativity and visual intelligence in the enthusiasts as opposed to those gaunt ones decorating the Sistine Chapel from Michelangelo. Rob Gonsalves is one of those creative persons who has the skill and imagination to create wonders on the white fabric. His genre is called Surrealistic painting and will surely blow your mind away!

1. “Acrobatic Engineering,” tells a double tale of acrobats and railway lines.

2. “A Change of Scenery” that can be seen as a portrait or a view depending on the element you are focusing on.

3. “Bedtime Aviation” symbolizes falling into sleep into a new world.

4. Autumn architecture

5. “Arboreal office” slowly transforms tree trunks into skyscrapers. Spooky, isn’t it?

6. “So Above So Below” is basically a pictorial anagram. The dwelling depicted is same above as it is below

7. “Carved in Stone” So the water is pouring or hooded Saints picking stones from the riverbank?

8. “Here comes the flood” sees people with reflectors transform into a flood.

9. “Ladies of the Lake” sees reflections of clouds or fairies ascending into out world?

10. “The Sun sets sail” in the best one so far, the row of sailing ships convert into pillars or a mythical giant bridge in the middle of the sea.

11. “Canyon” or Metropolitan Street?

12. “Cathedral of Commerce” slowly transforms into a skyline of a big city.

13. “Change of scenery” sees almost no difference between the parting lines of clouds and mountains.

14. “The performer” shows people or buildings as an audience? I don’t know myself!

15. “Towards the Horizon” is perhaps the other view of the “The Sun Sets Sail”. We cannot differentiate between the two, and they are so close each other anyway.

16. “Towers of knowledge” or Tower books? You decide!

17. “The Unfinished Puzzle” is simply too stunning and surreal to be true. The girl must be real!

18. “Tributaries” or branches of a tree?

19. “When the lights were out” sees a mesmerized landscape just like as above so below!

So what did you think of these pictures? Let us know in the comments!