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These 14 Optical Illusions Will Play Tricks With Your Mind

Optical illusions have a distinct way of energizing our inner creativeness. Here are some of these illusions that will make you rethink about everything:

1. Rotating Rings

If you move towards the screen, these pink roads will seem to be rotating.

2. Giant 3 D globe

From this angle, it looks like a giant 3D globe.

But from here, we can see the optical illusion in its entirety.

3. Same-color surfaces

These two surfaces appear to be different in color. Put your finger in the middle and then see it. Are they really so different?

4. Which orange circle is bigger?

One look at it and you might say that the right ones is bigger than the left. But, look again!

5. Brightness trick

Move your head towards this picture and you will see that the light in the middle’s brightness has increased.

6. All white dots

While you are looking at this picture, some dots where you aren’t focusing will appear black. However, if you look closely, all of them are white.

7. Two Faced Portrait

By layering multiple images on top of each other, we can create awesome two-faced portraits like this one here.

8. Face Mask?

This looks like a face mask, but if you look closely, it is just a mirror with two people kissing. Weird, right?

9. Three Attractive women

So, six women enter a bar, three of them are upside down and seem splendid while the three weird ones in front of you are here. So, you plan do ditch the ones in your face for the ones hanging above? Look again! You are better left alone.

10. Leaning Tower of Pisa

These two pics of the Pisa tower appear to be from different angles. In reality, they are identical snaps!

11. Sloping horizontal lines

These lines appear to be askew, but in reality, they are all parallel to each other.

12. Overlapping arcs

These overlapping arcs at different points are in reality, perfect circles. Take a closer look.

13. Mirror illusion

Girl appearing from thin air? Cool

14. 3D painted room

It seems scary, don’t you think? Kinda like walking on a sky bridge!