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These 14 Amazing Gadgets Will Change Your Life Right Now

The technological advances that are being made have resulted in some really cool inventions making their way to the market. We decided to make up a list of 14 such amazing and clever inventions for you to look at and decide upon which one you need in your life. So, go on and check out the list and let us know what you find most amazing.

14. A small tile that lets you call all your stuff

13. A rearview mirror with no blind spots

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12. A solar-powered backpack

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11. A magnetic light switch cover

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10. Laser-Guided Scissors

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9. A watch that counts down to your estimated time of death

8. An undershirt that improves your posture

7. A solar-powered gardening system

6. A digital measuring cup

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5. An umbrella that can withstand winds up to 100 kilometers per hour

4. An app that unsubscribes you from unwanted junk mail lists

3. A fully functional virtual keyboard

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2. A 360-degree electrical outlet

1. The world’s smallest wireless ear buds

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