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Watch How Hot Food Looks Like Through A Thermal Camera

Photos Courtesy Brea Souders and VSCO

Brea Souders, a photographer from NewYork, has captured some amazing and “delicious” pictures of radiating food from her radiometric thermal camera. It is a pretty simple concept that when the temperature of any matter becomes greater than the absolute zero (which is an impossible temperature to reach), it will emit electromagnetic radiations into its surroundings.

Photo Courtesy: Brea Souders and VSCO

Brea wanted to demonstrate the concept of radiating bodies. Lucky for us, she chose something fascinating and close to our hearts, fast food.

Photo Courtesy: Brea Souders and VSCO

The work was commissioned and funded by VSCO. You can check out some more pictures on company’s website.

“A quality camera will record a specific temperature for each pixel in the image, with an accuracy of plus or minus 2 °C. Since the camera can detect minute differences in temperature and then assign a corresponding color to that temperature, relatively crisp images are rendered.”

Photo Courtesy: Brea Souders and VSCO

Feast your eyes from these radiating hot dogs, fries, and ice cream. Don’t forget that all of these pictures were taken in complete darkness for perfect visibility of this phenomenon.

Pretty amazing! Aren’t they? Watch more here: