The World’s Longest Bus Is Here


If you have not seen it before, have your first look at the grand Autotram Extra Grand, the longest bus in the world.

We know that one common problem with the modern world is population explosion. Engineers worldwide, are trying to find the most efficient means of mass transportation that will take hundreds of thousands of extra vehicles off the roads. German engineering is famous for its brilliance, all over the world. The Autotram Extra Grand is one spectacular display of this brilliance. The 30 meters long bus is built in an effort to reduce private vehicles on the roads. Here are some interesting details on the world’s longest bus.

The bus runs on a fuel efficient hybrid engine. Fully charged engine battery can take the bus as far as eight kilometers. And if you are thinking what kind of skill may be needed to drive this machine, let me tell you there is absolutely no driver licence nessecary as the bus has an in-built steering system. This state-of-the-art steering system allows the bus to manoeuver just like a 12 meter long bus and can also steer the huge thing backward or forward with ease.

The steering system is ultimately a marvel of transportation and system engineering. Manufacturing team noted that a complex algorithm runs the steering system. The project has cost Germans 10 million dollars.

What needs to be seen now is how this 30 meter long Grand Bus affects city traffic. Engineers are positive, it will not halt or hinder traffic routine on the roads and will likely reduce private vehicles on the road. The engine is environment friendly and prevents release of harmful GHGs. The engine runs on electric power. So, what we are expecting is something similar to a mini subway roaming the streets. It was debuted in Dresden, Germany where it successfully transported 258 passengers around the city. The bendy bus does a great job at combining a train’s length and a bus’s manoeuverabilty. The main innovation lies in its 101 ft length. Beijing and Shanghai city administrations have already ordered the bus.

The world is awaiting the arrival of this gigantic vehicle. German teams are running pilot tests and giving final touches to their project. Here are some more pictures of the sleek long engineered creature slithering through the streets of Germany.