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The Surreal Round-Shaped Community Gardens Of Copenhagen

Round gardens of Copanhagen which in real are in an oval shape

Denmark’s Naerum suburban district of Copenhagen is famous for its round gardens, actually oval in shape. These are the most catchy round gardens globally and attract many around the year for their unique and combined look. One round garden after another, and it just keeps going on.

Søren Carl Theodor Marius Sørensen is taken as one of the most amazing landscape architects. Just like his name keeps on going, he kept on going with the round shape while planning CopanHapen’s beautiful gardens.

These oval territories of Greenland are one of his most renowned projects and were created back in 1948. Measuring a total of 40, each oval garden was 25× 15 m in size. These had public housing on one side and traditional ones on the other. However, owners were allowed to do all that they liked to. At the owner’s disposal, it was to choose the placement of their cottages, select the surrounding hedges, layout their plots’ interior, and a lot more.

Sorenson still gave out some directions to be followed as suggestions, not as rules, and stressed more on following the provided directions for the owner’s own good. It is quite in the past now talking about the time they were built. However, they still hold the position as one of the most attractive places in the Danish capital.

Sorenson was foreseeing the landscaping project as a simple grid of oval’s spread across Greenland, turning out to be different from what was expected. It gave them a more open, dynamic, and unique look.

The hedges around each round territory do the real magic, making it appear a place where anyone would like to spend years of their life. Their true charm roots from the Sorenson’s laid-out preferences made to the owners, most of which was followed, fortunately.

While providing the locals and visitors with a unique view from the ground, these unique oval gardens present an even better-looking scene from a height.

You might be taking the lack of road access to each round garden as a flaw. However, in reality, these were purpose-built like this. The famous landscape architect wanted the residents to have a healthy way of living. Hence designed them so that the owners’ cars are parked at a distance to allow them to interact with their neighbors. This helped the round garden’s residents better know each other while living with love and harmony.

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