Wonderful Engineering

The Range Rover Sentinel Is Like A Tank On Wheels And Can Survive A 33-Pound TNT Blast

Let’s be honest, there are only a few people who really need a vehicle as secure as the Range Rover Sentinel. That being said, anyone who is able to the almost half million price tag can get their hands on this amazing and wonderful work of engineering. It has been created by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations and incorporates all the elements that make it impervious to a number of varying threats.

Whether you’re planning on taking this amazing vehicle through warzones or you’re preparing to fend off any assassination attempts, this armored and luxury ride will be able to ‘walk the talk’. It comes equipped with a six-piece, high-strength steel passenger cell that is capable of surviving bullets and can also easily survive 33-pounds of TNT detonated from the sides. Grenades exploding on the roof have no effect on it either and small bombs that explode under the floor aren’t able to penetrate the ride either. The bulletproof glass is also reinforced in the same manner and can even take on armor-piercing rounds. Although it still doesn’t cover all of the diverse weapons that are out there, however, anyone planning to attack the owner of this amazing Range Rover will have to really do some hard work and get their hands on some serious ammunition.

It also comes equipped with certain features that allow you to run away from any attackers. It features run-flat tires that can allow the driver to keep going even after suffering an attack. It sports a self-sealing fuel tank along with a backup battery, tamper-proof exhaust and also features a hatch that is located behind the back seat for the times when the RR is stranded and you have to make a run for your safety.

It a built-to-order kind and costs €400,000.