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The Orbital Assembly Corporation Is Now Another Step Closer Towards Making Space Hotels A Reality

Orbital Assembly Corporation Takes A Step Closer Towards Space Hotels

The word “vacation” evokes images of gorgeous beaches, gleaming ski slopes, long runways, and amusement parks. It doesn’t instantly bring to mind cosmic journeys on massive revolving wheels or views defined by the Earth’s big arc, but it might soon.

The Space Age is swiftly entering its commercial phase, allowing a growing number of private individuals to purchase passage beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), a frontrunner in providing artificial gravity technologies that allow humans to thrive in the space ecosystem, has just secured an additional $1 million in funds to continue building its space station facility.

Following a successful fundraising round in 2021, the company used the Netcapital crowdfunding platform to seek funds for such a trip. The current round will finish at the end of February.

“Exceeding $1 million gives the company the opportunity to fill key positions and focus on attracting larger investors and strategic partners,” says Rhonda Stevenson, CEO of Orbital Assembly.

“In addition to offering habitation for tourism, we are pursuing companies in industries that can benefit from space manufacturing, including semiconductors, data communications, and pharmaceuticals.”

OAC is the only company working on a gravity-based space station, even though long-term space habitation without gravity poses health hazards and lacks basic amenities. The structure solves this problem by generating its simulated gravity through progressive rotation.

The architecture of Pioneer Station is modular, allowing for fast expansion. As demand for leasable space on the station grows, the hotel component will host a more diverse mix of tourists, resulting in a lower cost per passenger.

Orbital Assembly Corporation is the world’s first large-scale space construction company dedicated to providing artificial gravity for commercial space development, allowing humanity to thrive in space. The organization is developing massive, gravity-equipped platforms in orbit between the Earth and the Moon.

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