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The Optus Stadium Has Won The Prix Versailles For Sport Award

The city of Perth in Australia has managed to bag the title of home of the world’s most beautiful sporting facility. The sporting facility is known as the Optus Stadium and thanks to the modern design and innovation that was utilized in its construction; it has managed to earn the Prix Versailles for Sport award.

The Optus Stadium has a seating capacity of 60,000 and is located in the Burswood suburb of Perth. It is best defined as a sports architectural gem. The Optus Stadium was completed back in 2017, and the cost was $1.6 billion. The facility is primarily used for cricket and football with Australian rules.

During 2018, the Optus Stadium hosted over two million sports fan and 43 major events. The 2019 runners up nominees for the Prix Versailles award including the following;

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