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The Internet Is Back At It With Another Optical Illusion To Rattle Your Brain

Daily Mail posted a deceptively simple optical illusion featuring a line of rectangular bars. The apparently simple question is that how many can you see?


Image Source: array


Most of the people would argue that it is no illusion at all. All you need is to count the small square sides of the rectangular bars and you would have the answer. However, once you start studying the image closely, you will figure out that the lines in the bottom right portion of the image don’t form complete bars.

Though the squares facing you indicate the presence of eight rectangular bars, the square ends facing away are only seven. Starting from the top left corner, the first five bars are complete.  However, things get confusing as we move further down.


Image Source: Giphy


Daily Mail answer reveals that there are only six bars in the image. These include the five complete bars on the top left, and the final bar which is also the closest bar to you.

How long did you take to figure it out? Let us know in comments!

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