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This Incredible Video Shows How Computer Game Graphics Have Improved From 1962 To 2017

Computer game graphics

The “art” of making and designing computer games began as early as 1962, with MIT’s DEC PDP-1 computers and the thin-film memory used to play the single bit games like Space Wars, Ping Pong, and Tetris.

It may not seem significant to us, but the sheer speed of advancement regarding the complexity of hardware, software and graphics in computer game over the next 50 years is unprecedented in any field in human history. Going from truly simple games to today’s world of cloud and VR consoles, it truly is exciting to dwell on what’s next to come!

While anyone who has played the games from all these decades can truly appreciate the remarkable transformation (guilty as charged), the video below tries to give the sense of the “digital miracle.” It starts from 1962 all the way to Horizon Zero Dawn’s astounding graphics and gameplay, which was released earlier this year.

Watch this incredible YouTube video below!


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