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Watch This Creative Chef Craft A Perfect Knife Out Of Ice

ice knife

The Japanese knife maker is back again after creating sharp working blades from materials like saran wrap, chocolate, pasta and a dead fish. The knife maker uses random materials to create disposable cutlery. This time he has created a knife from ice which melts after you have used it once.

The ice knife cannot be used to cut warm food items but it can be used to make a survival meal by adding some cotton stuffing. This will slow down the process of melting and allow you to use the knife as long as you want to.

The bigger challenge is when you need to sharpen your ice cold blade since the friction will make it glide across the whetstones and speed up the melting process. This issue can be overcome by building a makeshift plastic tent around a fridge and then sharpening the knife inside the freezer. This will keep your knife sharp and also won’t turn your workstation into a puddle.

Try it out now!

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