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The Bicycle Has Been Completely Reinvented

Revolution 3

Bicycles are back in fashion thanks to rising fuel costs and general awareness in people regarding health and fitness. Among many other companies making bicycles, a somewhat recent company is TroyTec.
Revolution 2 The company was founded back in 2009 by Tobias Albert and Dominic Rodatus. Both of them have experience with motorsports and are mechanical engineers. Troytec recently unveiled its new “Revolution Modular Bike” and it is a pure work of wonderful engineering (pun intended)

As expected, the backbone for the Revolution Bikes is a carbon frame which allows the bike to have 4 basic configurations. The user is given the option to select between high and low ride while also allowing them the option of rigid or semi-rigid suspension. All this is made possible by employing the robust carbon fiber frame. Other main components such as drivetrain and seats etc are also replaceable and can be swapped from one bike to another.

20″ Front wheels accompany LR-FS and LR modifications while the front wheels on HR and HR-FS are 26″. The rear wheels for all configurations can either be 26” or 28”. Maximum wheel thickness that can be catered for is 35mm and the bike can make use of different tyre types depending on user’s preference. Although, the company gives the user only 4 general configurations to choose from, the user is actually capable of creating 12 unique bikes owing to the flexible frame and myriad of wheel sizes and tire styles that are available. The bike weighs only 8 kg thanks to the carbon frame while being highly durable. Due to its unique design, TroyTec claims a 25% reduction in wind resistance as compared to a regular racing bike. This results in a speed of 27 mph using a pedaling power of 250 watts.

This bike can be disassembled and packed in about 10 minutes which makes it very convenient to transport. However, changing the bike’s mode is a tedious process and takes about 3 hours to complete because the cables for brakes and gear-shifting mechanism need to be rerouted.  For better weight distribution, the user technically lies on an angle of 24 degrees on the frame.
The price tag is $7,275 for this bike which is quite an amount but considering the fact that it is made of carbon fiber and can be modified in so many ways, we would say that such a high price tag is justified.Overall, a great bicycle with a very unique design. Check out this video for more details:

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