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The Beauty Of Angola Flag In Pictures: Download Free In HD

The present flag of Angola came into use on Nov 11, 1975 after Angola became separate from Portugal.

The national flag of Angola came into use on freedom day on Nov 11, 1975. It is divided side to side into an higher red 50 percent and a reduced dark 50 percent, and functions a yellow-colored half-gear surpassed with a machete and crowned with a star

It consists of two similarly scaled rectangle, red on top and dark on the end. It has a cogwheel surpassed by a machete and there is a golden star.

The red represents: blood sheds by the Angolan individuals during oppression, protection of the country and the battle for independence. Black appears for the Africa region. Workers and commercial manufacturing are showed by the cogwheel will pay honor to the peasants. The star is synonymous with worldwide solidarity and improvement and the yellow-colored appears for the prosperity of Angola.

There are other knowing of the shades and signs discovered on the Angolan flag. For some individuals knowing of the purpose of Angola flag seems to be in accordance with the flag that was used by the judgment celebration the Well-known Activity for the Freedom of Angola (MPLA). It was the same red and dark with a silver star in the middle. Red showed socialism, dark for Africa and the beginning was similar to the Soviet Union’s red star.

There was another flag suggested in 2003. This is a red rectangular shape with red and white-colored lines across the top and base. In the middle of the red rectangular shape, there is a fantastic sun which is based on historical cavern artwork.

Many Angolans see the cogwheel and machete as similar to the sort and sickle on the flag of the Communist Partnership and that is an icon of communism.

However so far this flag has not been applied. Many have experience it has no actual meaning when as opposed to flag now in use which for many individuals joins them to their history.

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