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‘The Bag’ Is The Latest Optical Illusion Wreaking Havoc On The Internet


It’s official! The internet loves to play with your mind. After that rectangles illusion and the phone on the carpet illusion, the internet is back at it with the latest optical illusion titled ‘The Bag.’

Last year, an online debate broke out over the colour of the dress; some people argued it was white and gold while the others were positive it was black and blue. The endless dispute even spurred the scientists to look into the matter who confirmed after thorough research that the colour perception is subjective.


Image Source: Twitter/DovirsRiley


A same sort of discussion was sparked by the image of a Kate Spade handbag shared on Twitter. Some people reckon it’s blue while the others confirmed it was white.

The debate started when Taylor F. Corso of Feminist Drilljoy showed off her bag on Twitter. One of the users commented on the white colour to which she exclaimed ‘It’s Blue!’ Now the social media is freaking out, and the online community is befuddled.

Taylor F. Corso was visibly annoyed when #TheDress happened to #TheBag.


Image Source: Twitter


Finally, she went to some lengths to prove that her bag was actually ‘Mystic Blue.’ Did anyone notice the irony? It’s Mystic Blue; well, no doubt it is a complete mystery!

What do you think is the colour of the bag?  Let us know in comments!

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