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The Arkup Is A Luxury Yacht Designed Like A Modern Villa

The Arkup Is A Luxury Yacht Designed Like A Modern Villa

The Arkup is a luxury yacht that has been designed like a 4,300 square foot modern villa. It can float similar to a boat and can even rise above the waves by making use of hydraulic pilings. These hydraulic pilings have been added to the Arkup so that it can traverse rough waters. It has also been reported that the Arkup was created to withstand a category-IV hurricane. It costs $5.5 million only!

Do you like sailing or going on cruises but wish to do so from the comfort of your home? Thanks to the Arkup, you can now pull that off without breaking a sweat. It features two 100 kW/272 hp electrical engines along with four bedrooms, a kitchen, a living space, 4.5 bathrooms, a swimming platform, a retractable deck, and a roof that has been covered using solar panels thus making the Arkup completely self-sufficient for its electricity needs.

It also comes equipped with a rainwater purification system; thus, the chances of the 4,000-gallon fresh water tank going empty are quite low. This implies that as long as you are packing enough food, you can practically live off the grid for a long time. The Arkup, however, has not been designed for the rough sea conditions. It can rise up to 30 feet though, thus making it a perfect fit for coastal waters.

Arkup co-designer, Nicolas Derouin, said, ‘We can’t match the navigational capacity and speed of a yacht. You couldn’t cruise around the world, but you could use Arkup in the Bahamas or the British Virgin Islands, for example.’ The yacht can achieve a maximum speed of 7 knots and has a range of 20 nautical miles that can be enhanced by making use of additional battery banks or backup generators.

Derouin said, ‘It’s more like a house than a boat, but you never lose the unmistakable feeling that you’re on the water.’ You can also order custom house yachts for a price as low as $2,267 as per the manufacturer’s website.