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The 14-Year-Old Hired By Elon Musk Has Had His LinkedIn Account Deleted

Kairan Quazi, a remarkable 14-year-old boy is on his way to becoming the youngest graduate ever from Santa Clara University living in the Bay Area.  Although he can’t drive, vote, or watch R-rated movies, Quazi’s talent in computer science and engineering has secured him a position at SpaceX.

He has an unusually high IQ and emotional intelligence which has made him more mature than his age. At the age of 11, he made the decision to move to Santa Clara University to pursue his passion for computer science and engineering. The remarkable journey that followed is now well-known.

Before joining Santa Clara University, Quazi had already started working at Intel Labs as the only undergraduate intern on his team, showcasing his exceptional skills and dedication.

Contrary to some suggestions that he was missing out on childhood, Quazi doesn’t feel that way. He values the opportunity to have experiences beyond his years and doesn’t see it as a loss. He still resides in an apartment with his mother, who has been his biggest supporter throughout his journey.

However, a recent development has added a surprising twist to his story. Quazi recently shared a screenshot of an email he received from LinkedIn, informing him that his account had been restricted due to not meeting the minimum age requirement.

It’s quite astonishing to think that someone could be considered too young for LinkedIn while simultaneously holding a cool and impressive tech job at just 14 years old. This incident adds a touch of amusement to his already extraordinary tale.

If you are a fan of Young Sheldon or Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, you’ll be quite interested in this young marvel who has just started his journey.

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