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Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Technology Can Be Seen In Action In This Video

Tesla has taken the veils off of the full self-driving system! A video was released after the Autonomy Day event for exhibiting just how much Tesla’s Autopilot system and Self-Driving Computer have advanced over the last couple of years.

The demo video that has been released by Tesla, Tesla’s full self-driving computer can be seen carrying out a morning commute without requiring any intervention from the driver at all. Isn’t that amazing? We are finally entering the era of self-driving cars thanks to Tesla!

The vehicle starts just outside the Tesla Autonomy Day event and then drives in a circuit that takes it through residential streets. The car navigates intersections while entering and exiting a highway. It also makes use of clover turns for heading back to the very same Tesla event that it began its journey from.

Tesla’s Autopilot screen features an updated interface with an updated rendering for the vehicle on display. It also includes the path programmed into the system. The updated rendering of the vehicle’s environment that currently only shows the vehicles on a straight road now also features intersections as well.

The video demonstrates a lot of what Tesla had said about its full self-driving system during the Autonomy Day event. Skeptics might say that the route was planned in advance or the road conditions were too good, nonetheless it is an achievement. Even if the route was planned previously and even if the road conditions were good, the feat that has been achieved is no little feat and must be appreciated.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of Tesla’s full self-driving system. Be sure to share it with your friends and family members so that you all can appreciate the advancements that we have made in the automotive industry.

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