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Tesla Launches Model X SUV And It Comes With A Bio-Defense System

Tesla Model X Has Been Launched And It Is Wonderful 11

Finally after two years of setbacks and delays, Tesla Model X has been revealed and it looks amazing to say the least. It claims to sport a range of 414km and features three row of seating along with a new take on scissor door and an air filtering system that is being called ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’.Tesla Model X Has Been Launched And It Is Wonderful 12

The Model X shall be sporting the ‘skateboard’ chassis that is Tesla’s signature. This implies that the 90 kW/h battery pack has been incorporated within the chassis along with a motor that has been attached to the rear and front axles for an all-wheel drive experience. The 90D version of Model X is capable of giving a range of 414km while the upgraded 90D Performance can give you a range of 402km.

It can be charged via small wall charger, an optimal home fast charger or at the Supercharger stations that are being built across Europe and America. The Model X (P90D) can go from 0 to 100km/h in 3.2 seconds while the non-performance 90D can do the same in 4.8 seconds. This particular model sports falcon wing doors, although they might look huge, but sport dual-hinge design and therefore, can be opened in a garage without hitting the walls. It also sports ultrasonic sensors that ensures that the roof doesn’t damage the doors.

It is also capable of, thanks to the new accessories hitch, carrying skis, bikes and snowboards on the exterior of the car. It is also capable of towing 2268kg. The interior is similar to the Model S, except for the latest air filtration system. It sports a HEPA filter that can be used as a ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’ when working at its maximum capability. Elon Musk said jokingly during the launch that Tesla was trying to ‘be a leader in apocalyptic defense scenarios.’

At the launch, two models have been made available; the P90D Signature (US$132,000) and the P90D Founder edition (US$142,000).

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