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Tesla Is Selling Broken-Glass Decals After Using A Baseball For The Cybertruck Window Stunt

Tesla Is Selling Broken-Glass Decals After Using A Baseball For Cybertruck Stunt

As Tesla celebrates the long-awaited delivery of its first Cybertrucks, the company introduces a range of accessories, including a unique one that humorously commemorates a memorable mishap from the Cybertruck unveiling event.

Tesla’s delivery of the initial batch of Cybertrucks brings excitement and a playful acknowledgment of an unforgettable incident from the vehicle’s unveiling event. At the original presentation, Tesla aimed to showcase the robustness of its Cybertruck, emphasizing its “ultra-hard” steel exterior. Designer Franz von Holzhausen demonstrated the impact resistance by striking the door with a baseball bat, followed by an ill-fated attempt to demonstrate the strength of the “Tesla Armor Glass.”

The memorable mishap occurred when von Holzhausen hurled a steel ball at the Cybertruck’s window, expecting it to withstand the impact. To everyone’s surprise, the window shattered, creating a buzz that lingered long after the event. Despite Tesla’s subsequent efforts to downplay the incident, it became a source of humor and, as they say, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Tesla even capitalized on the situation by selling t-shirts commemorating the window failure.

At the recent Cybertruck delivery event, Tesla revisited the infamous window mishap with a touch of humor. Von Holzhausen replicated the demonstration, opting for a baseball instead of a steel ball. The result was a visibly bouncy baseball, creating a lighthearted moment. Building on this, Tesla introduced a novel accessory for the Cybertruck: a $55 window decal depicting a broken window.

The commemorative decal humorously captures the essence of the original mishap, offering Cybertruck owners a playful nod to the vehicle’s unique history. However, Tesla limits the decal to the rear driver’s side window, avoiding potential safety concerns associated with obstructing the driver’s visibility. For those seeking a cost-effective alternative, Tesla cheekily suggests purchasing a 3″ steel ball from Amazon for $29 to recreate the moment yourself. The reusable steel ball opens the door to whimsical window-breaking experiences, offering a touch of savings and shared humor among Cybertruck enthusiasts.

As Tesla continues to infuse innovation with a dash of humor into its products, the Cybertruck’s accessory lineup reflects the company’s ability to turn even unexpected events into playful opportunities for connection with its community.

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