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Tesla Has Unveils New Sport Seats To Absorb The Model S Plaid’s Insane Power

Tesla has introduced a new sports seat that is part of the Model S Plaid and is intended to more effectively harness the fury from the supercar’s power. Though it might look like an ordinary four-door sedan, it sets off in 1.99 seconds in acceleration time from zero to sixty miles per hour, which could compete with various high-performance cars.

Although the power of the Model S Plaid goes beyond the needs of most drivers, it definitely contributes to the enjoyment one experiences when behind the wheel of this amazing car. Some owners are known to even test their Model S Plaid on a race track where all that it’s capable of can be brought out. In each turn, you can really feel those high G-forces when you drive at full speed and push your limits.

The standard seats in the Tesla Model S are considered comfortable for everyday driving; however, they do not offer the optimal level of support and comfort that should be provided by a high-performance vehicle. Responding to this need, Tesla has added to its lineup the new Plaid Sport Seats that equip its Model S electric sedan. These new sport seats deliver enhanced lateral support, keeping the body stable even during high-speed cornering, enhancing a better sense of control and overall experience as a driver or passenger.

The Sport Seats have the same 12-way power adjustment, heating, and ventilation as the normal seats, but they also include a modular seat architecture for improved comfort and support. High-performance suede upholstery is also used on the seats, which lightens the seat cushioning and improves grip.

For the $90,000 Model S Plaid, the new Sport Seats are now standard equipment on all vehicles manufactured after the start of the month. The performance of the Model S Plaid speaks for itself, but these new seats improve the driving experience even more, enabling drivers to take full advantage of the car’s capabilities both on and off the track.

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