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Tesla Co-Founder Creates Self-Charging Electric Garbage Truck

Mack took to the WasteExpo to unveil the latest electric hybrid garbage trucks. The most distinctive feature of the Mack garbage trucks is that they are the first ever garbage trucks that have been fitted with the new powertrain technology called Route.

Route enhances the efficiency if the garbage trucks by employing regenerative charging. Regenerative charging systems use the braking system of the vehicle to charge the batteries of the car. The remodeled vehicle from the LR range of the Mack Trucks comes with four electric motors. Powered solely by the electricity and a 730kW regenerative braking system, the truck could cover 24 miles.


Image Source: Fast Coexist


Wrightspeed is the ideator of the powertrain technology. The company was launched by the co-founder of the Tesla Motors, Ian Wright. According to Ian, the main focus of the company is the powertrain technology and its integration in the buses and trucks. The amazing technology has a tremendous potential, and it can coax vehicles of nearly 66,000 pounds up the 40 percent steep slopes.


Image Source: Fast Coexist


The concept of regenerative charging can be very useful for the vehicles like the garbage trucks or delivery vans that have to stop often and are always stopping and starting as they make their way from one spot to the next. The technology can result in a significant decrease in the fuel consumption for these vehicles.